Who is going to win? Zombies or humans?

Zombies in voodoo culture are supernatural individuals, who are not actually dead. In the popular movie from 1968 Night of the Living Dead there was first mention about the dead who left his grave and came back as “live dead”. That was, when it all started. A huge boom became, when zombies were part of the horrors, science- fiction movies and action movies too such as Zombie Apocalypse, Survivors or Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.


If you are a fond of zombies, you know they are very diverse too. Most of them have no brain, some of them eat a brain out of people´s heads, some of them eat a human meet to stay alive and some of them can turn humans into zombies. That would mean sooner or later there will be only zombies in the world. Does it scare you? Or does it make you super excited to know more?

Imagine, that you have a chance to be part of it. Not only you can watch zombies in real life, but you can be one of them or become one of them. All that in challenging and super exciting game. Do you have friends that are also into anything what´s fun? Or do you have boring colleagues you want to show the funny side of the world to? Do not hesitate anymore.


Zombies lazerfunpraha.cz is an awesome game for intermediates, who are not scared. We promise you will love this. Even if you are not fond of zombies. There have to be more than five players to start a game. Team is divided in between humans and zombies and they stand against each other at the beginning. As in real scary life, zombies will be turning humans in ones of them. It is not as easy as it sounds, because humans are equipped with a special power shield, blaster and phaser. Zombies on the other side have only a zombie bite. It is recommended, that zombies unite their forces to fight against people. The aim of the game is for humans to stay humans for as long as possible.